Riding for Hope day 1

Hello and greetings from the sea, by now we have reached allmost Estonia.
Im laying in my comfortable bed enjoying the last night knowing I have a bed, thinking about everything that happened today starting from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning, looked at Sofia and she was smiling happily ”today we are going”, to this moment with my belly about to explode from all the potato tofu salad and lentils stew (which we of course carried in minigrip bags) that wouldnt be eatable tomorrow.
Morning went quite smoothly because we were ready and eager to hit the road, we had friends who came along and cycled with us to Sipoo and Helsinki, even lovely Nora which I really adore (age 2) was riding along and just smiling the whole way, she might have napped a little 😄 (Thank you Carolina, Maria, Riku & Nora).
When we reached Vuosaari, our relatives and one awesome Riding for Hope follower were allready waiting. We laughed, talked, toulk hundred photos and cried (our mothers mainly), then it was time for check-in which went really easily and we actually had to waite quite a while before we were car escorted to the ferry. I dont know how to explain the feeling when your driving at a huge harbour, following a van..the surreal feeling of space around you and suddenly there is literally a really high uphill just like at any road but this time the hill goes into a ferry in the middle of trucks and brand new tractors 😄
We were pleased to read that there is a sauna and a jacuzzi, so of course thats where we went first thing. While sitting in the sauna I got to thinking how easy it is for us, here we are as women travelling from Finland to Germany, safely and free. We have passports that allow us to cross borders. We are not hidden inside a truck without air and food hoping to get caught, to be saved, or at a yacht forced to be sold, forced to give up your freedom just that someone will benefit from your body.
If i think about all this and the unsafe, unhuman boats that travel all the time from North-Africa to South of Spain carrying hundreds of people who are being used in human trafficking it makes me furious; this is the world we have created. How could we make it better, how could we fix it? Whats the starting point, where did we go wrong as humans.
Well, ill leave it to here, for now. I know there is a lot of good in the world, in us and with positive thinking, positive action, a lot of good can happen. Time will tell if its too little, too late.
Lets stay positive, active and hopeful. Good night, Hyvää yötä 💜
Next post will come from Germany on the road.
Riding for Hope”

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