Riding for Hope, packing life on a bicycle.

Hi there!

Greetings from rainy yet green and light Porvoo, (yes, 24h) Finland. I decided to write most of the postings in English hence Riding for Hope has turn into a global project like I hoped it would (päätin että blogi kirjoitukset tulevat tästä lähtien pääosin englanniksi koska seuraajia alkaa olemaan ympäri maailmaa joka olikin minun toive, suurin osa suomalaisista osaa kuitenkin todella hyvin englantia ja reissu kuvat kertovat paljon enemmän kuin tuhat sanaa)

Only 6 days left and the journey toward Madrid will start, people keep asking about my feelings and I regocnize that feelings vary a lot. At the moment im pretty confident and excited, trying to trust and let go off my stress, trust that everything will go naturally and whatever I forgot to do is not a big deal. I cant remember the exact day when Riding for Hope started as an idea, however I do remember it was here in Porvoo. I was sitting by the river with a notebook, there was an idea, a curiosity about cycling to Europe and writing a book about it, writing about people and what freedom means for them ” Life as we know it- true stories from Europe” is what I called it. This was in 2013 so four years ago, two years more and it turned into reality, what comes to a book im not sure about it yet. I think that might need few years more to soak and develop because freedom is a huge subject and its not something you can touch, its more abstract and philosophical. Lets see what this summer shows me, what kind of people will I meet and how open discussions will there be, encounters.

Having only this week means that I need to pack everything and analyse one more time wheather I really need 5 pairs of socks and which shirt goes with what, should I just have t-shirts to cycle with or is merino wool still needed?! It seems that the temperature in Germany doesnt go below +15 during the day, in France and Spain it will be hot so merino wool is way too warm, maybe it would be best just to manage with t-shirts. Here are pictures that show what my bags hold in (there is still missing few items and something ill take away, Sofia will carry the trangia and gas bottles):

Hygiene and toilet stuff. Shampoo is natural, can be used in lakes etc. Probably need a smalle brush.





















Food, cups, eating. Dishwashing liquid is in a small pill bottle (big bottle just to show), it is natural so it can be used in nature.























Emercency kit, ice bags, tapes, bandages, desinfection bottle, burana 800 etc.






















Tools, equipment, handy stuff. Not sure about the tyre yet, its big and quite heavy and the chance of needing it is quite slim?!






















Clothes, hardest part 😀 There is extra now so something needs to stay at home. Its +15 in Germany but +35 in Spain, es muy dificil!!











Sleeping, shoes (one too many) ill try to find slippers that are more convinient and leave the ballerinas home, flyers for each country, salmiakki for people we meet, Finnish flag, head torch. Still missing a book..












What i decided is that all of this can only be 15 kgs so that my knees wont suffer too much, everything will be packed in minigrip/other bags so its easy just to choose a certain bag and not tear everything out to find one thing. As a pillow I will use clothes bag and inside the sleeping bag there is a DIY cover (made out of old curtain) that protects the bag from dirt (as we cant shower each day).

What I still need is a new phone (mine was stolen recently) and a pad to write this blog with (allthough i can do that with my phone too if necessary), so if you have a possibility to help or your company wants to be apart of Riding for Hope I would be more than happy to talk to you and see what we can come up with this week!

Mitä tarvitsen edelleen on puhelin (omani varastettiin hiljattain) ja pad jotta pystyn kirjoittamaan ja ottamaan laadukkaita kuvia sekä video materiaalia matkalta. Jos sinä pystyt auttamaan tai yrityksesi haluaa olla osana Riding for Hope projektia niin ota pikaisesti yhteyttä ja katsotaan mitä keksitään!

Here are my contact info:

Laura Kirjokivi

Tel.(+358) 0407581960

Remember that all of you can be part of the journey by giving a small or big donation to the victims of trafficking in women starting from friday 16th of June (in four days). Address to crowdfunding page will be:, however it isnt open just yet!

Thats it for now, next blog post will be on the road! Kääk, apua, help, jaiks, cant wait!!

Thank you,


Riding for Hope

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