Riding for Hope in Germany 

Riding for Hope in Germany 
Guten dag everybody and greetings from Oldenburg! We started cycling on monday when we arrived to Travemunde and it was quite a feeling, driving out of this huge piece of metal following all the trucks and signs, doing everything for the first time and not having any idea what to expect, it was quite unreal. Luckily the weather was good and really warm, humid. We had a plan to stay in a nearby naturepark but neither of us was tired so we figured that we might as well ride until it gets dark which happened quite fast and suddenly I found myself by a river at dark with hundreds of mosquitos which I thought that doesnt exist in Germany like in Finland. It was life and death, mosquitos won.
riding for hope
Next morning it was really nice to wake up because it was sunny and the view wasnt too bad. It was adventure time and destination Hamburg, we are using an app called Komoot which is really handy with great cycling ways, it makes your life really easy. Too easy allmost and thats why we would like to buy maps, make it more like an adventure. In Hamburg we spend the night with my old university friend Ela and her family, this was roughly 75 km.
riding for hope
Next morning after a good night sleep we headed toward Bremen and spend a night at Harsefeld (btw Hamburg seems really nice, wish we had more time there), a small place in the middle of nowhere. In Germany your really never at countryside like in Finland where theres nothing with in 60km radius but here there are all the time houses and small villages and a lot of agriculture; corn, apples, strawberries, cherries, wheat, cows, sheeps etc. It smells really bad at the countryside and theres no escaping other that cycling faster 😄
In Harsefeld we witnessed a really bad thunderstorm just when we were about to leave. We started cycling, got maybe 300 metres but the wind was really strong, then came water and huge icy balls. Our options were to stay under a tree and freeze to death, perhaps get hit by a lightning or cycle back to our host and thats what we did, luckily they understood and let us waite inside. At night around 9pm we got to Bremen where we had our first warmshower host Jutta, a 60 year old nice woman. This was around 70 km and it went easily!
riding for hope
When I was still in Finland there was a lot of problems with my knees and I was of course scared that I wont make it, but at least for now it feels ok. Only thing that really hurts is my ass and right sole (it gets really bad after a 50km, like a lot of needles). Anyways, from Bremen we got to Oldenburg which is a nice 160 000 inhabitants city. Here we decided to have a day off at a nice host called Nick which felt really necessary, even though I was dead tired yesterday it was nice to walk around and actually spend time in one place not having to rush.
Riding for Hope is about freedom and trying to figure out what it is and yesterday I realised that at least one important thing is not to limit yourself, im starting to understand people who travel the world by their self without a return ticket to home, having the freedom to choose and stay as long as they want. Now it feels like the goal is limiting the actual journey, goal that I set for myself. I guess im ”infected” by a travelling bug now and cant get enough. Who knows, maybe my return ticket will stay untouched, but for now we will continue to Leer with some rain it seems 😄
Germany all in all seems really nice and the cycling roads are amazing, its easy to go everywhere because there is allmost always a seperate road for cyclists even at the countryside and the road signs are clear. Having a friend with you is nice because it gives you safety and comfort. We are quite the opposites with Sofia which seems to be working, we balance each other.
– Total km approximately 270
– Flat tyres 1
– Accidents 0
Auf wiedersein and have a great sunday!
riding for hope
Remember the crowdfunding campaign that is going on now, the main reason we are cycling is to raise funds for Proyecto Esperanza so that they can help overcomers of trafficking in women. Together we are so much stronger!
Thank you
Riding for Hope
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