Riding for Hope route planning

Riding for Hope route planning

Hi there, what a wonderful day!

A lot has happened during last weeks of the project, I got ”Toivo” and I am eager to tell about it and about all the amazing equipment, however my photographer friend is on holiday so I will wait until hes back and get the pictures taken that give credit to all of it. I also got a new friend during the project, I guess behind every great woman there is another woman. She is called Sofia (amazing woman, strong as hell) #soffabroman and she will be my rock during the journey all the way to Madrid. I am actually relieved, feels more fun to have a friend with me and someone to help with the planning since it can be quite a lot of work. Another good news is that I got a new co-operation partner called Nordic Wristband, they will print really nice looking Riding for Hope wristbands to giveaway for all the growdfunders and maybe for few other lucky people…

Yes, this time I will write in English for a change but Im quite confident that most of readers have good knowledge of English language. If you want to have a sneak peak of ”Toivo”, check out Riding for Hope in Instagram.

Lets talk about route planning, I love to plan and organise but when it comes to detailed planning Im not that good. Its more fun to dream and visualise what the route is going to look like and what there is to see, all the people yet to meet. When your cycling from Finland, there are four options how to go about it and what is important to acknowledge is the amount of time you have and whether your sleeping in a hotel or a tent, if you have less time its better to have a day plan (how many km per day, how many days off, where do you want to visit, when is your flight back, etc). Options to start from are 1. Russia, 2. Estonia, 3. Germany or 4. Sweden. From all these I decided that Germany would be a good place to start since it is my first long cycling trip and I was about to travel alone.

Everybody was asking me ”are you crazy and how can you go alone as a woman, why are you doing this”, I dont think its dangerous for a woman to go alone trough Europe if you have common sense and stay away from situations that may be a bit sketchy. How can you live your life if you dont trust other people? I was more worried about the wildlife and wild boars I read about, imagening the sounds they make during night time.

So starting point was Travemunde, Germany and next was to find out if I should use paper maps or bike computer, or perhaps both? First I googled how others have planned their route and what the roads are like in Europe, I found a program called Mapmyride which has pretty good planning options but somehow shifted on to googlemaps, its fun because you can see pictures of the places. When planning with google, you can have twelve places on the map so to make a route from Travemunde to Madrid, its in four different maps which in my knowledge is not possible to unite. Some prefer paper maps only and others feel that its more stress free to have a bike computer especially when leaving or entering a big city. Hopefully we will have both, but if not then paper maps will do and we can always stop to ask from locals which can lead to great chats (it cant be that hard to navigate, can it?). Its not hard to plan the route but it takes time and be sure to have few extra days in case something happens.

Here is the approximate day plan:

Here is what it looks like approximately in google:

The plan is to sleep in a tent when at countryside ( and in the bigger cities we will rely on couchsurfing and warm showers (this will be funny because I havent really been camping that much). It seems that camping isnt that approved outside Finland because for example in France the forrests are private owned and sometimes the owners dont like visitors on their land which is kind of funny if you think about it in a larger scale…none of us really own anything on this planet, we are all just visitors but thats another subject. All tips about camping in Europe are very welcome! We also planned the route partly by searching for lakes on the way in order to have a place to get clean, but I am preparred to smell for days and look like a cave woman 😀 So please, when your following the journey during summer, forgive me my appearence.

Like I said, all tips are welcome and if you have any questions or remarks than please just ask or send me an e-mail, call me, text me 😀 Remember to go and ”like” Riding for Hope in Facebook.


Until the next time,



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  1. Hei Laura, do you need a place to stay, wash or cycling company for a while around Hamburg?

    1. Hi Ela! Than you for asking! 🙂 We were actually planning to visit Hamburg for few hours and then continue but im sure a shower would be amazing!! 😀

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