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Hi there!

This time I feel like writing in English so everyone can understand, Finnish sounds beautiful but im sure its really hard language to learn by…reading a blog. Hehe. My favourite word so far is ”rakkaus”=love, it sounds harsh and soft at the same time, really poetic. In away it sums up our culture and the Finnish mentality, most of the year its cold and dark in here and when you manage to find some love for yourself its like a warm sunny day in the midst of winter and we dont say rakkaus to everyone, its a decission that has taken a lot of time and effort.

Well, to the topic of the day and this time I cycled to Pyöräliike Lundberg at Kerava. Jani taught me the basic things about fixing a bike on the road, we went through quite many things and considering my previous knowledge of bikes it was all pretty new to me and somewhat even overwhelming, the idea of me on the side of some ”in the middle of nowhere” road fixing a broken chain with a tool I have never used is a LITTLE intimitating but at the same time EXCITING 😀 When travelling on the road it is best if you just turn your bicycle upside down or perhaps if there is solid branch on a tree nearby then hang your bike there from the back wheel.

So what we went trough was:

  • how to fix a broken rubber (have a tire tool with you!)–> not bad at all, luckily I dont have race wheels which are a lot tighter to take off
  • how to adjust disc brakes–> easy breazy, just dont touch certain knobs and you will be fine
  • how to change the Derailleur hanger in Finnish its korvake, this can brake because of a hard hit or fall down and it is allmost impossible to find a new part on the road, so after it brakes, thats it your screwed–> this one seemed easy allthough the idea of taking the changers off seems a bit unsetling, remember to buy this part before leaving for a longer trip!
  • how to adjust the gears–> I feel like this can go wrong on so many ways
  • how to fix a broken chain–> easy breazy if you have the right tool and a link to connect the broken chain ends
Deraulleir hanger, korvake











Chain braker, cuts off the broken ends and after that attach the ends with a spare link. Volaa!!

I wanted to have this cool video with music and funny stuff on how to fix your bike but instead I ended up with a 45 min off video material from Kerava that needed to be edited and my windows live movie maker decided not to feel like editing. So here is a simple video of how to change your flat tyre, which accidentally happened to me yesterday morning and now Toivo is waiting to get a new tyre when I get the time. Most of you probably allready do it in your sleep but some might need still assistance, or you can watch it as a comedy, entertainment :D! What comes to the other things, like how to fix your chains or derauiller hanger, id love to tell about it in person or send a video (long) if you want…like I remember how to do it 😀

Pyöräliike Lundberg supports me with all the necessary tools and parts which I am grateful. At least these will come handy:

  • 3 spare tyres
  • chain link and chain braker
  • derailleur hanger
  • hand pump
  • tyre iron
  • chain oil
  • hex key (multi tool is great but it doesnt fit in tight places)
  • multitool

Can you think of something, let me know! What about dirty chains on the road, how to wash them? Yesterday morning just about to leave home I discovered my tyre was empty so now its waiting for me in the hall for fixing, its kind of alarming that it can brake so easily. Maybe there wasnt enough air in the back, since there is more weight now and I like to drive quite fast. Also the roads in Helsinki are in bad condition (lot of high pavements and holes, not really bike friendly) so I might have bumbed too hard on pavement etc.

Everything else is rolling smoothly like a project is suppose to, step by step. Sometimes though it can be cruciating when you really want to take care of something, but its too soon and all you can do is have patiance and trust that everything will go as planned or there might be changes and thats fine too. Its funny how I havent still realised what is about to happen and the time feels like its going too fast toward the zero hour. It feels like theres not enough time to soak it all in, but for me I guess its a process and when the journey starts in June, thats when it will come to realisation. Now there are so many things going in my head…what soap to use, what vitamins to pack, what shampoo to use (should I buy a natural soap shampoo), what to eat, how to pee, where to shower, how to navigate, how to pack everything, how to fit three shoes, how can I be without my home and safe place for so many weeks, will my knees survive, will I have enough money, how to film on the way, how to get a camera, will people get involved, will I reach my crowdfunding goal, am I going to succeed. Anyways, here is a quick hello from Proeycto Esperanza, Madrid. People who have dedicated their life into helping the victims of traffciking in human, cant wait to see them in August and hopefully tell super good news!!

Take care and talk to you soon, ”im so excited and I just cant hide it, im about to loose control and I think i like it, ahaa”.

Love and hope,


Riding for Hope

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  1. Moi Laura !

    Jos muistat, juteltiin ’Riding for Hope’ -hankkeesta kesätapahtumassa Lapinlahden sairaalan puistossa 20.5.
    Olisi kiva kuulla lisääkin siitä, sulta itseltä ! Jo ennenkuin lähdet itse matkalle.
    Mahdatko löytää sellaiseen vielä aikaa ?

    t. Jussi

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